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Hi everyone, welcome to my cubing website, on here l’ll share all the algorithms l find interesting and since l like memorizing large sets, that’s exactly what you’ll find here. A while back l took on the task of memorizing ZBLL because finishing the cube with 1LLL seemed so appealing to me.

When l went online to search for information about people who had completed this task, l not only discovered that they were practically inexistent but the belief was that it was not doable or that it would take years to achieve. l’m here to tell you that it only took me 3 months and other’s have done it in less than a year (6 months for Anthony Brooks), so l believe large sets of algorithms shouldn’t discourage us anymore: with a few tricks and tips it will become child’s play.

Here are the top 3 things l believe you need in order to maximize your algorithm memorization capacities:

  • Organize the algorithms in a manner that is suitable for you, that makes sense for you. That said immediately dive in when you’re done. l waited for at least a year after the completion of my list before beginning to actually memorize them, so be warned, once you finish compiling your list in an organized manner, jump right in.
  • Use Applications: In this day and age almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet in hand (even my 10 year old cousins), so it would be wise to utilize the benefits we were born in. An app l use daily is Anki, it is responsible for 50% of my memorization, check it out and see if it will be that useful to you too. Another way os to have your organized algorithm file on your smartphone so that you can look at it every time you get a chance, Dropbox works fine for me.
  • Review regularly: In this stage, consistency is key, let a few days go by  and you might forget all you’ve learned. Take great advantage of the applications and schedule a few minutes (even 5) per day to scan through them. This is crucial in the first weeks of memorization.

That’s all for now, l hope you learned a little bit about memorization and that you’ll begin taking action. More blog posts on the subject will follow so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

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