On this page, you will find cubing resources that l discovered throughout the years. Some of the sites mentioned below helped me train a lot better and others are a collection of much needed algorithms that would have otherwise taken me hundreds of hours to compile.

As l continue my cubing journey, this list will continue to expand, so keep an eye out for this page. 


Cyotheking cubing website

On this website, you will find one of the most extensive compilation of 2x2 algorithms. 

Owned by Chris Olsen, an active cuber and former 2x2 world record holder. This is the place to go if you want to be a world class 2x2 cuber.

Anthony Brooks Cubing website

Anthony Brooks is one of the first people to learn and use full ZBLL (and is very fast with it). That alone should be enough to convince you to check out his Website. 

He is a very experienced cuber who shares much of his knowledge. You'll also find printable versions of the OLL, PLL algorithms he uses. Which is quite handy to have on the go.

Lid's cubing Website

Apart from the speedcubing wiki and algdb.net, this is in my opinion the best place for not so mainstream cubing methods and puzzles.


Here you'll find square-1 algorithms, all megaminx algorithms, pyramids algorithms, all OLLCP algorithms, just to name a few.

The great thing is that they are arranged in a very neat way which l'm a sucker for. Hope you enjoy looking through this website as l did and still do.

Cider's cubing website

Conrad rider's website is the holy grail for anyone learning the ZZ method. It covers the basics and goes in depth with beautiful images to ease the process.

On top of that it is home to many useful tools that save me countless hours when l generate algorithms. 

Visualcube that l use for all the cube images you see on my website. An algorithm translator which gives you different versions of an algorithm is seconds and much more

Algorithm Vaults

As of now this website covers 1592 cases and has 6044 algorithms on it. For the 2x2 you'll find all EG method algorithms + Ortega method algorithms if you are a beginner.

For 3x3, things get a little bit exciting with algorithms ranging from beginner to advanced methods. major subsets that are covered here are OLL, PLL, OLLCP, ZBLL, WV, ELL, CMLL, VLS and a few more. 

Needless to say it'll take you a while to go through them all.

Youtube Channels

A very fast cuber with records all over the place. He has an official average of sub 50s for 5x5 and has uploaded several sub 6s avg12 on his channel.

Too bad he doesn't do tutorials but his videos are quite interesting to watch.

If there's a cuber who needs no introduction, it's Feliks. His records are ever changing so l won't even bother writing them down since by the time you read this they might all be a thing of the past.

He documents almost all of his competitions  and some home training sessions, so is you want to be awed go take a look at his cubing channel.

But be warned slow-motion feature is need ignorer to undrestand what's going on 🙂

He also has a cubing website where he does tutorials.

The place where it all started for me (my love for the ZZ method). His tutorials are in depth and thanks to the heavens there are a lot of them.

He doesn't upload as much as before but the videos are still relevant and many years later, he is still one of the fastest users of the ZZ method.

He also held records for One Handed solving using the ZZ method, which is the method he promotes on his channel.

Cubing Timers

QQtimer - cube timer

The main cubing timer l use during training. it has all the puzzles covered. 

extra features include:

=> 3x3 subsets training (ZBLL, ZZ Last Slot, PLL, etc,...)

=> Megaminx subsets training (Last Slot + Last Layer)

=> BigCubes training (edges)

=> Cube Puzzles up to 11x11

CStimer - cube timer

Another widely used cube timer is the cstimer. 

Features include:

=> Full customisation (colours

=> Solving tools (EOline solver, Cross solver)

=> Scrambling images (to decrease scrambling errors)

=> Export function (to keep track of your progress)

it also has a great iOS app.

Ksim - cube simulator

This is not a timer, but l had to include it somewhere 🙂

It is a 3x3 cube simulator that is easy to use from the get go. you can also train subsets like ZBLL, PLL, OLL on it which is ideal if you don't have a cube at hand.

Of all the cube simulators l've tested this is the one l keep coming back to.

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