EgideCubing - About Me

Hi, my name is Egide and l've been a speedcuber since March 2009 when my brother dared me to solve his old cube in exchange for 20$. I ended up losing the bet but that was enough to spark my interest, now a day rarely goes by without me picking it up.

Throughout my cubing journey my most memorable exploits were when l finished memorizing large sets of algorithms, back in the summer of 2009 when l memorized Full OLL and PLL in a month on a camping trip in the south of France or most recently when l memorized Full ZBLL in 3 months. 

All of these experiences have led me to accumulate some knowledge and strategies on how to memorize large subsets of algorithms efficiently and that is what l intend to share with you on this website.

If you prefer videos, be sure to checkout my Youtube channel where you'll find many worthwhile videos.

Happy Cubing and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for weekly tips, tricks and ways to stay motivated when memorizing monster sets of algorithms.

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